Information Resources & Articles

Informative articles

Dahlia Virus(es): What you need to know if you love dahlias – by Clara Qualizza

Tree Pruning for Beginners – by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Invasive Species

Emerald Ash Borer – NRCanada

Emerald Ash Borer – Tree Canada

Scarlet Lily Beetle – City of Calgary

Dutch Elm Disease – Society to Prevent Dutch Elm Disease (STOPDED)


Gardening-related Newspaper articles

Simple tips for keeping plant diseases at bay – Alberta Agriculture & Forestry article

Simple tips for keeping insect pests at bay – AAF article

Urban Gardening and Growing Requirements – AAF article

Useful Videos

Horticulture Tips video series (by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry)

Horticulture Tips – Aphids
Horticulture Tips – Black Knot of Prunus
Horticulture Tips – Blackleaf / Witches’ Broom
Horticulture Tips – Bronze Leaf Disease
Horticulture Tips – Apple Curculio
Horticulture Tips – Saskatoon Juniper Rust
Horticulture Tips – Tarnished Plant Bug
Horticulture Tips – Powdery Mildew
Horticulture Tips – Poplar Borer
Horticulture Tips – Scarlet Lily Beetle